About Me

I have been a writer for over a decade now, which is a very short amount of time when considering how many items I have actually written.

My first official “writing” accomplishment was combining my love of games and retro gaming with writing; I was a regular contributor for five gaming websites between 2010 and 2012.  During this time I was employed as an IT field engineer and my spare time was limited; still, these years saw me churning out five articles a month.

Sadly my time became so limited that I had to turn away from game reviews (and the free games that it attracted) in favour of writing technical and procedural documentation for IT projects, an activity that still keeps me regularly employed (and also helps my business offer a complete service too).  However, in 2013 my employment turned more towards management than technical field engineering and I found that I had more time to pursue my true love; writing fiction.  I decided that I should do something with the mass of short stories I was churning out, and so self-published Grand Theft Planetary and Other Stories (which is available on Smashwords and iTunes for free).

From 2013 to 2017, I decided to start my first full novel, a project I had been toying about with in various forms for a few months, called Ragnar Blaise’s High Idea.  If anything, this project helped me develop a writer’s process; good record-keeping of plot and characters, structuring my notes (and having a method of making quick notes too), and, above all, writing regularly!  Still, juggling a job, a life, and other hobbies (as well as other writing projects – I’ve written a couple of screenplays, including a fanfic sequel to Alien Resurrection!) meant that RBHI has taken almost four years to get to a presentable standard.


I’m always looking for writing projects to get involved with, so please feel free to get in contact if you need a professional writer.