Short Story – The Agency

"Christian my boy, check this out," said Peter, double-clicking a video file on his laptop.  Christian watched the clip over his boss' shoulder, recognising the sultry pop star but, naturally, not the song it belonged to. “The inverted cross, numerous references to the single eye, the pyramid…. we’ve certainly dropped a bollock," said Christian. "One … Continue reading Short Story – The Agency


Don’t Be Surprised at #WannaCry – It was Inevitable

The end is nigh.  Or, more specifically, the end is nigh for those who have ignored the basics of a good, clean, and safe electronic life. Since Friday 10th May, a ransomware product called WannaCry(ptor) has spread around the world.  As of writing this, the first Monday morning has not occurred yet, and we all know … Continue reading Don’t Be Surprised at #WannaCry – It was Inevitable

Velma Grant – 17/09/29 to 15/04/16

My grandmother Velma Grant died on the 15th April 2016 from complications arising from colon cancer.  She was 86.  She was cremated on the 6th May 2016 at Westerleigh Crematorium outside of Bristol. Velma was the most cantankerous, hard-to-please, and emotionally-volatile people I’d ever met.  She could destroy the atmosphere in a room without saying … Continue reading Velma Grant – 17/09/29 to 15/04/16