Mulling it Over – 27/02/16 – Microsoft Winux

I’ll make a bold prediction about Microsoft. In two years, MS will release their own Linux distribution. It will be for migrating services into Azure initially, it will have a Windows emulator built-in, it will be a fork of Debian, and it will completely divide the Linux community more than Red Hat vs Ubuntu.

I know what you’re thinking, but why not? MS have certified Azure with Red Hat now, and there’s word of a small Linux-based virtual switch in Azure. Linux is open-source, so “free” to develop. It’s a competitor to Windows, and so why not spin up Winux in an attempt to bring non-Windows users into the MS stable? Plus, MS should be concentrating on supplying services rather than their OS, so why not delve into Linux?

In fact I am going to register right now.

Edit: dammit, already taken, but I got so if it does come true, I can start my very own UK Winux support site. Or donate it to Canonical 🙂


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