Mulling it Over – 21/02/16 – The Universe

Apparently the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light, but nothing can move faster than light within the universe, which means that the universe fabric is a medium, which means we should be able to “hitch a ride” by holding onto it, although this would mean travel in one direction only. It could be that the universe medium is actually a shockwave that originates from the Big Bang. It may be that we can “surf” this wavefront. And if it’s a tangible “thing” then we might be able to break through it.

One thing is certain; humanity has encountered and overcome limitations before. We are an ingenious species, and an efficient one too. I have no doubt that we are or have collaborated with other species, and have been given some help in some areas (and hindrances too), so it is very possible that we are already in front of where we’re supposed to be in terms of technological knowledge, so we could be in a position to go faster than light.

I might be completely and utterly wrong though.


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