Mulling it Over – 22/01/16

Here’s a world where cloning and genetics goes commercial:

Footballers will be generated using the DNA of past greats. Their names would represent which iteration of that footballer they are. For example, Pele Three Hundred, Bergkamp Five Two. You will have “managers” of these clones across the clubs they all play for, much like constructors in F1.

Power stations’ turbines will be driven by gigantic muscles that are fed a corn/protein sluice.

Dead celebrities are brought back to life to take part in low-budget gameshows, for example Celebrity Shit Bucket, The Farting Game, or Lick a Celebrity’s Dickhole.

Similarly, every bar and restaurant will have a clone of a celebrity pulling pints.

Dating websites will simply supply the blueprints of people to clone. Equally, Facebook will take stalking to another level, by allowing everyone to clone and fuck whoever they fancied in school.

Jurassic Park.


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