Mulling it Over – 17/01/16

American Idol and X Factor are for those who like the idea of being singers, but don’t want to put in the hard work to become successful singers. There are A LOT of people who made it big without going through some reality TV competition, and they had to work hard to get there.

And that is the problem with our instant gratification society. We want a constant orgasm in every piece of our lives; pass our exams and become a director on £100k at the age of 20; go on holiday and experience heaven; take a pill and live forever. No-one gets the concept of gradual development and attainment through perseverence anymore, not when reality TV can make Average Joe a star overnight and the lottery can make anyone a billionaire. I think we will see an increase in people living in frustration and depression because their smallest dreams sit in the stars, and that will create a generation of maladjusted, hedonistic, abusive, and unsatisfied youngsters.


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