My Thoughts – 13/01/16

I love Steam. For those who are console peasants (love you really), Steam is the equivalent of the Apple AppStore but for the PC. It’s genius in that it works for Mac, Windows and Linux, and allows you to buy a game and play it on different operating systems, so for example I bought Borderlands 2 and can play it on both Windows and Linux.

Anyhoo, Steam does a fantastic job of controlling the number one “fucking hell why are you not working?!” Issue on the PC – compatibility. This also means that any older games that originally ran on DOS, if on sale on Steam, will work on your spanking-new Windows 10 machine without having to fuck around with DOSBox settings, worrying about config.sys settings etc.

The other day the Humble Bundle (please look it up – they sell bundles of games for about Β£7 for charity) ran a Tomb Raider deal, one of which was the original TR. The game was 300Mb, and even included the 3DFX splash screen on startup, which was the first proper 3D graphics card for the PC and arguably changed gaming forever.

I began thinking; I have very fond memories of struggling with framerates and making-do with a CRT monitor while playing the 3DFX version of Carmageddon. In comparison gamers have it SO EASY nowadays… but will there be be the same kind of nostalgia experienced when the kids of today see CoD Modern Warfare 3 and think “how the fuck did we put up with THOSE graphics?” Which means, what kind of tech is waiting for us in the future?  Personally, I loved the days of Doom, Heretic, and those pixelated 3D games that didn’t have the ability to “be real”, and yet kept me playing for absolute hours. Actually, I don’t want to know what will be entertaining gamers in the future, because I know some small part of it will involve VR and tentacle porn.


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