Novel Progress

I’ve finally finished the first draft of my novel, Ragnar Blaise’s High Idea.  It’s taken about five years to get to this point, and the storyline has deviated a lot from my initial plot.  Some authors don’t like “winging it” but I disagree; a story that changes whilst in writing does so because it evolves organically.  What I discover is that dialogue and actions, when put down in writing, have unforeseen effects on the storyline.  Allowing a story to develop into different and unusual directions is more natural than trying to keep a story inside a framework.  I guess everyone is different though.

Now that RBHI is now complete (and about to undergo a multitude of rewrites), I was, possibly prematurely, thinking about a sequel.  The scope of RBHI is enormous; the universe plays a big BIG part of the story, and so I was thinking about going the other way – into the microverse.  My initial idea was that every object in the universe is its own universe, and the characters have to accomplish some task by hopping between objects.  Like I said, a very premature line of thought at the moment.

One of my big concerns is artwork.  I have been sketching and collecting clippings that are relevant to the book, and have an idea for the front cover that is, sadly, way beyond my skills as an artist.  I need to commission an artist.  Maybe Reddit can come to the rescue.

Anyway, this is just a quick update.  I will be taking a break from the novel, and will have the time to write more ‘blog posts now.


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