Too Much

There is too much of everything. There is too much music; a smash hit is now meaningless and irrelevant, tunes made to a recipe and instantly forgettable. There are too many music artists; singers are manufactured and disposed of as demand requires.  There are too many video games, a flow of bland colourful soulless kaleidoscopes that are marketed like a prostitute.  There are too many people, all individuality and achievement lost in the clamour, those who need to be noticed going to more extreme ways to disfigure or discredit themselves. There are too many celebrities, fame coming to anyone who appears on a screen for whatever reason and at any cost to their family’s reputation. There are too many rich people, the need and greed of wealth coming at the expense of worthless lives. There are too many crimes, influences from media pushing the desperate into prison or death. There are too many dictators, the corrupt trying to snatch power and control over everything and everyone. There is too much. There is too much.


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