Escaping the Labyrinth

My thought today is based upon a quote by the American author John Green.  The quote is:

“You spend your whole life stuck in the Labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it.  You just use the future to escape the present.”

We all have a goal, a dream, somewhere where we want to be.  We work hard and put up with a lot of shit chasing this dream but we never make it happen.  Let’s break this down and ask; why do we not achieve our dreams?  Is it fate preventing us from attaining our targets?  Is it foul winds which suddenly change direction and keep us from setting down on the shores of paradise?  No.  I believe that we have the power to make anything happen – anything.  I don’t take the word impossible lightly.  Think of an “impossible” event.  Breaking the speed of light?  Totally possible, we just have to apply resource to the issue – money, equipment, minds.  Curing cancer?  Again, totally possible, we need to apply resource to the issue – money, equipment, minds.  Anything that you want to do, you need to apply resource to the issue.

When I use the term “applying resource”, I mean allocating appropriate, ample and sustained energy to a goal.  That energy could be money, or man-power, or simply prioritising your dream in everything you do.  Regardless, it has to be appropriate (am I applying the right every to help achieve the goal), ample (am I going to apply the right amount of energy to help achieve my goal), and sustained (am I going to keep applying this appropriate energy to my goal).  I want you to think about your own dream.  What is the one goal that keeps you going every day?  If you don’t have one, you are wrong; you might not realise that you have a dream, but you do what you do for a reason.  That’s your dream, even if it is to work hard, rise the ranks of society and retire comfortably. Actually, that is a pretty good dream.

My own dream is to pull a comfortable income from writing and move to Newquay.  I have a picture of Newquay on my wall as inspiration, and commit as much time as possible to my writing projects.  However, this isn’t enough.  I’m fooling myself.  I think about living in Newquay a lot but I’ve done absolutely nothing to actually making that happen.  It stays within the boundaries of my own head.  The Labryrinth gets in the way, my full-time job worrying about other people’s IT issues, and a social life making me go out drinking when I should be writing.  I enjoy the dream and I tell myself that I’ll achieve it one day and that makes my job a lot more bearable.  I tell myself that all the stresses of my current life are temporary as it’ll all be a lot better once I achieve my goals.  I use the promise of my future dream to cushion the effects of the present.

So there needs to be change.  I’m going to apply appropriate ample and, most importantly, sustained energy to my dream now, saving up money and diversifying my writing to include other areas that could turn into a sustained income.  I cannot be the only one who has fallen into this pit of dreams.  If you have too, then I urge you to think about my story and escape the Labryrinth as well.


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