MTG – My Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts Deck


I’ve been playing MTG for a few months now, and here’s my main deck in honour of one of my favourite retro games, Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts. Yep, this deck is comprised of zombies and illusions!

14 x Swamp
10 x Island
2 x Dimir Guildgate

Black Creatures
2 x Liliana’s Reaver. Deathtouch, and can start spawing zombies if you can land a punch on the player.
Slitherhead. Cheap zombie card.
Diregraf Ghoul. Another weenie.
Warpath Ghoul.
Wight of Precinct Six. If you’re playing an aggro player and can get some creatures into their graveyard, this card can be extremely powerful for a couple of mana – and counts towards my zombie combos.
Diregraf Captain. Because I can’t afford a Lord of the Undead! Seriously though, this is playable for me because of the dual colour of this deck. I also judge Captain to be far superior to LOTU. Deathtouch, +1 on zombies, AND can severely punish your opponent if they kill a lot of zombies. If I can get my Phantasmal Images to duplicate the Cap, it drastically improves my zombie horde without depleting my illusions.
Gravedigger. A little mana-heavy but gives me the option of retrieving any heavyweights back from the dead. So to speak.
Undead Minotaur. Another zombie to add to the pot.
Grave Titan. Be afraid. Deathtouch, 6/6, and starts spawning zombie tokens as soon as it enters to field. This card can kickstart a zombie invasion.

Black Enchantments
Curse of Shallow Graves. This brings on a zombie whenever I attack.
Stab Wound. I love this card because it annoys!
Endless Ranks of the Undead. This is the reason for the zombie cards. Put simply, this brings on half as many zombies as you already have on the board every turn. So unless your opponent can knock out your creatures quickly, it keeps getting worse and worse for them.

Liliana of the Dark Realms (M14). I did have Sorin Markov with a couple of combo cards to take advantage of the “reduce to 10 life” power, but it was a cheap shot. Liliana ensures that you can keep bringing on Swamps, at the very least.

Black Sorceries
Moan of the Unhallowed. More zombies.
Army of the Damned. 13 zombies?! Costs 8 mana though, but is morale-breaking from its sheer threat.
2 x Diabolic Tutor. Allows some strategic searching. Everyone should have a Tutor.

Black Instants
Hero’s Downfall. 3 mana to take down a troublesome Planeswalker? Yes please.
Doom Blade. The staple instant card for any self-respecting Black deck player!
Vile Rebirth. More zombies.

Staff of the Death Magus. An option to gain health.
Pristine Talisman. Mana and health generator.
Sol Ring. Its 1 mana cost makes this an easy alternative to Gilded Lotus.

That’s it for the ghouls, now to the ghosts…

Blue Creatures
3 x Lord of the Unreal. Adds +1/+1 onto every illusion AND hexproof? Devastating en masse, especially if Clone and Phantasmal Image come on as Lords too!
Clone. A little costly but gives options depending on how the game is progressing – especially if the opponent brings on a heavyweight! Serra Avatar scares me enough to keep a Clone/Shapeshifter on board.
Phantasmal Bear.
2 x Phantasmal Dragon. Illusion and flying, which is usually a weakness of mine.
3 x Phantom Warrior. Illusion that cannot be blocked? A couple of Lords makes this a very sudden and real threat.
4 x Phantasmal Image. Imagine this; I have a couple of Lords of the Unreal boosting illusions by +2/+2 and a Grave Titan. I drop an Image on the field as another Grave Titan FOR TWO MANA. It’s an illusion so becomes an 8/8, spawning zombies everytime it attacks – and counts towards my zombie count if I have Endless Ranks of the Undead active! Phantasmal Image is a pivotal card in this deck.
2 x Phantom Beast. More illusions.
2 x Aetherling. Possibly the most under-rated card ever. Its abilities means you can turn it into an 8/1 unblockable killer, or a brick wall, and bounce it out of play if it’s about to get killed. Phenomenal test of one’s mana skills.

Blue Instants
2 x Cancel. Has to be done with a Blue deck!
2 x Unsummon. Again, default Blue spells.

Blue Sorceries
Switcheroo. With the possibility of having a lot of “disposable” tokens onboard, this allows for a trade-up. Like Stab Wound, I play this to annoy more than any tactical advantage!


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