I’ve Published My First Book! Grand Theft Planetary & other stories, available now!

ImageI’ve released my first book! Grand Theft Planetary & other stories is a collection of shorts I’ve written over the past couple of years.  It’s currently available on Smashwords and will be appearing on many other online bookstores.  I’ve made three of the stories available as a free preview, including the title story.  If you are interested, here is a link to it:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/362867

This book contains the following shorts:

Grand Theft Planetary – A bored celebrity decides to steal an entire planet.

My Life is Saved – A man who can turn back time tries to bed an initially-dismissive beauty.

From Afar – The first man on Mars is forced to find another home while pursued by a horrific creature.

Technology Fails Me – An IT Technician working for a tyrannical corporation helps a computer to live.

Modern Glass – A shallow businessman visits his daughter between social appointments.

Man Alone – Wandering across an apocalyptic England, one man struggles to survive against UFOs, strange mutated beasts, and a one hundred foot tall metal giant.

Barriers – World War 3 erupts due to a desirable alien artifact.

Murve’s Dog – A penniless heart-broken man adopts an equally-pitiful dog.

Bud and Rufus Play Dare – Two housemates play a destructive game of poker where the loser is forced to do a dare.

I Rule – The newly-elected President is given some shocking news about the human race – and the part he is forced to play.

A Theoretical Question – Two students misappropriate the university’s newest asset to answer an age-old question; how many babies can a man take on in a fight?

Time and Punishment – A shy intellectual starts work at Time and Punishment, a time-travelling prison facility where the world’s most notorious mass-murderer is plotting his escape – and the ultimate act of homicide.

Farming – The rulers of the world contemplate culling the world in order to save it from an outside entity.

A Visual Masterpiece – A university scholar becomes obsessed with a woman who offers him a taste of the world’s pleasures.

Ticket – On the anniversary of his friend’s departure, a shambling recluse remembers the events of that fateful day.

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