Nexus 7 Switch-On Issues

I bought a Nexus 7 a few weeks ago – what a tablet! Google and Asus have made the perfect Android-based tablet, although the 7″ screen might put people off. However, for those who are not open to anything other than Apple, I implore them to give the Nexus 7 a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised. Incidentally, Google are not making a cent on the Nexus 7. They’ve given Asus their costs and margin, and are selling at “cost”.

Anyway, there is one issue that may throw some people – sometimes, when the battery dies or you switch off, the Nexus refuses to come back on. Don’t panic! Do these two simple steps:

Put your Nexus on charge (just so there’s no doubt that the battery has power – if you know the battery has juice, skip to the next step),

Hold the power button down. It may take a couple of minutes, but don’t give up, just keep the button pressed down until the Google logo appears. Seriously, keep that button pressed down!


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