World of Concern – Baser Instincts

Crispin rattled off another calculation and waited for the computer simulation to confirm what he already knew – it would work.  He knew it must, because he had spent the last thirty years working on it, every single minute possibility and avenue had been painstakingly researched and tested.  His relentless obsession with his work had meant he’d sacrificed the opportunity of emotional happiness with a partner, or the closeness of friendship with his fellow man, but it was worth it – who in history had ever been remembered for being a nice chap?  No-one, but Crispin was going to be remembered for a revolutionary breakthrough.

He pushed his crumpled glasses up his spotty nose and wiped his nose on his sleeve.  The lab around him was the best of class, no expense had been spared.  Wealthy businessmen had provided the money for him to continue his quest, the promise of profits enough to win their greedy minds over.  Crispin didn’t care for profits – he had better and bigger things in mind for his invention.

He took a drag on his pencil-thin roll-up, his only luxury he afforded himself (and he could barely afford that), and pushed the final piece of the machine into its holding bay.  It was a gigantic ball of neo-Lithidilidilium so fantastically rare and exotic that it had taken 15 years to make.  It was in a state of dimensional flux, just barely existing in this universe, and could be considered the heart of the machine.  Crispin closed the access hatch, then retreated into his protective bunker.  He sat at the huge flatscreen monitor and booted up the computer, logging in with trembling hands.  This was it.  Once he initiated the machine, he would be able to fulfill his one wish, his lifetime goal.  He sighed, crossed his fingers, and pressed the activate button.

Slowly, the machine lifted upwards and attached itself onto a rocket.  With a shudder, the rocket took off, towing an enormously thick data cable behind it.  Crispin watched the diagnostics – everything looked good so far.  The rocket reached low orbit in under two minutes, then detached the first stage with a shrug of hydraulic hinges.  Suddenly, the remainder of the rocket went supernova, a ball of super-active plasma that traversed several dimensions.  The data cable, protected against the fury of the explosion by a trans-dimensional sheath, entered the tear in time/space and intercepted every electromagnetic signal across dozens of realities.

Crispin ‘s screen suddenly flared into life and he gave a gasp of joy – it had worked!  He quickly tugged down his trousers and reached for a tube of lubrication, mesmerised by the hundreds of videos of roughly-human beings in various sexual acts.  He had done it – he had tapped into a new source of online porn.


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