Retro Sunday Review – The Real Ghostbusters (arcade)

When they “cartoonised” Ghostbusters, why did they have to call them the real Ghostbusters?  Was there the risk that people wouldn’t realise that the Ghostbusters cartoon, featuring all the characters from the film and the same green Slimer ghost AND the same “No Ghosts” logo, wouldn’t be associated with the Ghostbuster films?  Were they afraid people wouldn’t tune in and instead wait around for another Ghostbusters cartoon, the real Ghostbusters?  A bit weird.

Anyway, The Real Ghostbusters is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up.  You have two weapons – a gun to shoot the physical monsters, and a proton beam to suck up their ghosts.  In fairness, the beam is the only weapon you need as long as you put in a fair bit of money in the first instance, otherwise your beam amount is severely limited.

It reminds me a lot of the Indianan Jones games from the same era – numerous different-ish levels that will keep you entertained until you realise that there’s no real point to the game and give up.  A good arcade game is like a whore – 20 minutes of quickly-dimininshing bashing until you’ve spunked your money away.  Skill is irrelevant; money is the only thing that’ll keep you on, and you pay for as long as you want to play.  The Real Ghostbusters is perfect in this respect.



Playtime = 15 minutes

Verdict = Pointless shooter, has some slight nostalgic value if you remember the slow-ass cartoon.


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