My Ghost Stories

I’m a believer in the paranormal.   I think ghosts, psychics, ESP and so on are all related, but hard to prove using traditional sciences.  I think it’s all to do with our brains and “soul” operating in the huge magnetic field of the earth, which captures the soul after death.  There’s been some strange ghost incidents that have happened to me, and/or my family and I’d like to share them.

Jamaica Inn – EVP

On our way to Newquay in 2011, me and my girlfriend decided to stay in the Jamaica Inn for the night, mainly because of its haunted reputation.  Approaching the location late in the afternoon, a very thick fog descended on the area (this was in August) which was a very common weather condition around the place, according to the locals.

The Jamaica Inn is very old, but very accomodating.  The owners have embraced their haunted reputation with a quiet dignity, providing a guest book for people to write their experiences.  I also had a chat with the bar staff, who relayed a story that happened to a wedding party the previous weekend.  In short, the groom woke during the night to find a little girl strangling him.  Oh, and they were staying in the same room we were in.  Cool!

After a few ciders, me and my girlfriend retired to our room.  I took some pictures without any ghost appearing, so we left our iPhones on record and we went to sleep.  Unfortunately, I didn’t consider one important thing – I snore like a bastard when I’ve had a few drinks, so I ended up capturing 7 hours of me trying to pull the entire room in through my nose.  Listening to the recordings, I could hear footsteps, bangs, strange sounds, but because it’s accompanied by “Howard Jones Snores in C-Minor”, it’s not worth a toss as evidence, apart from one small bit.

However, at about 6am, something woke me up.  Knowing that there might be a ghost sneaking around, I listened out for any strange noises, but heard only a couple of pings from pipes and the old floorboards.  As I tried going to sleep, something twiddled the hair on the top of my head.  I slapped it, thinking it was a spider, but nothing there.  This happened about 8 times until I decided to ignore it and finally went back to sleep.

Back to the recording.  About 4.30am, I turn over, yawn, and then a female voice says something.  Putting my modesty aside, I think it says “hello handsome” or something like that.  Then there is a strange white noise sound, then the clip finishes.  On my girlfriend’s phone (which was using a sound-activated recorder), the same noise can be heard, but is truncated at the end. EVP 1 is my girlfriend’s version, EVP 2 is mine.  The phones were on each side of the bed.

All-in-all though, the Jamaica Inn is a great place to stay, and I’d recommend it.



The Old Man Visitor

My mother stayed with her mother when she lived in a terraced house in Easton, Bristol, about 20 years back.  I have fond memories of that house; it was always a treat to “go stay with nanny” for a night.  It was a very deep house but also fairly narrow.  There were two rooms that were used for storage, one of which was the guest bedroom at the front of the house.  My mother was in this room getting ready for bed when a “man in a top hat” simply walked into the room, then disappeared in front of her.

The Keys

One night I was in my man-pad typing when I heard a noise from the hallway.  My girlfriend was in the back room watching TV, so I went to investigate.  I have a habit of hanging my keys on the front door handle just in case we needed to get out of the house because of a fire, so I was quite surprised to see that the front door key was standing up on end.  I took a few pictures, but to be honest it doesn’t prove anything.  This happened on three occasions over the Christmas period, then suddenly stopped.


Over Christmas 2010, both mine and my parents’ houses freaked out with ghost activity.  Me and my girlfriend were hearing knocks and bangs during the night (our house is detatched so no neighbours), my parents were seeing little orbs fly around their rooms, it was weird.  After me and the gf had gone to bed one night, I went downstairs to investigate a loud bang from the living room when something screamed at me from the other side of the door.  On several occasions, a dark face would peek out at me from the doorway when I was working in my study.  It was bizarre, but it also didn’t feel aggressive.  I picked up a few orbs in my house, but nothing really juicy.  At Christmas, I always go to my parents to spend the best part of the day playing games and having some fun.  A few days afterwards, my sister sent me a few photos of some really good paranormal activity.  The first is of a rod in front of my dad as he’s giving a toy to our dog.   Notice the black rod shadow stretching up from the bright white rod.  I’m at a loss to explain this.

The next freaked me out, but it’s not immediately obvious to everyone why this picture is totally insane.  The picture below is of my mother and sister playing some dancing game on the Wii.  Check out my sister’s hand – it’s transparent.  Now a lot of people’s immediate reaction is that this is a fault with the camera, but not so – the decorations on the Christmas tree behind my sister’s hand can be seen, as well as the net curtain too.  In other words, something has made my sister’s hand invisible.  If this was simply a fault with the digital camera, it wouldn’t capture the objects behind her hand, just bring up a blank or random mess of colours. There is also faint orbs sprayed across the entire image, and finally a very small neon green squiggle by the first arm in the foreground, just where the sleeve starts.  I can confirm that my sister isn’t a ghost, so I’m not sure what to think.

Cox’s Inn, Cheddar – EVP

Another incident involving my dear little sister.  She and her boyfriend stopped for a pint in the Cox’s Inn in Cheddar, when they overheard a conversation between the landlord and some locals.  They were discussing a room upstairs that was haunted – specifically, that the landlord might as well accept it.  Interested, my sister eventually approached the landlord and asked for details.  He was very reluctant to talk about it at first, but my sister’s charm won through.  He told her that one of the rooms kept scaring people with voices, bangs, and even turning some guests’ belongings upside-down during the night.  Naturally, they booked that room for the following weekend.  Armed with cameras and a tape-based dictaphone, they stayed in the room, took pictures, asked questions, then got bored and went on a wander around Cheddar.  My sister left the dictaphone running during the whole time they were out, which caught small bangs and steps, but hard to hear because of the crappy tape technology.  It also recorded their return back to the room – they had stopped off at the bar to get a bucket of beers, which can be heard being dumped onto the table next to the dictaphone.  Clear as day, a deep masculine voice can be heard to say “do it”, then “just do it” immediately afterwards.  According to my sister, her boyfriend was opening the balcony doors to let some air in as my sister is putting the bucket down.  The voice is definitely not her boyfriend – his voice was lighter.  Apologies for the quality, and that the sound only comes out of one speaker.

They went back to the pub a week after after hearing this tape.  The landlord admitted that a jealous boyfriend had pushed a young girl off the balcony into the river hundreds of years back, killing her.



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