The Mangotsfield UFO

On November 28th 2009, my friend held a birthday party at Mangotsfield Rugby Club in Bristol.  Since it was the weekend before Hallow’een, everyone dressed up in suitably “ghoulish” attire.  I dressed as a jester for some reason, but I did grow an enormous jack o’ lantern and take with me as my vegetable plus one:
















Anyway, at about 12am, the party finished and taxis were called to take us all home.  As I was standing outside, I glanced at the dark cloudy sky and noticed a massive black triangle sitting just above the silhouette of roofs and chimneys.  Now I am very aware how people immediately write-off sightings of ghosts and UFOs when there’s ANY involvement of alcohol; I was attacked once, and the police would not do anything about it because I had been drinking.  In the morning I rang the police again, who then were able to “come to my aid”.  I’d have been better off trying to call Batman.

Back to the UFO – I pointed out this strange shape to my friends, who are all cynical of UFOs, ghosts, anything paranormal, but no-one could offer an explanation as to what it was.  Knowing that we were all drunk, I pointed it out to a couple of the taxi drivers (who could be classed as sober witnesses).  Both saw it, both couldn’t say what it was.  After 10 minutes of us all watching this shape hang silently in the sky, we got into the taxis and headed home.

When I got home, I drew a sketch of the UFO to the best of my memory/ability.  The most notable features of this shape was that it was triangular, big, silent, and had three bizarre shapes on each corner.  The shapes were a slightly lighter colour, like a burnt amber colour.  Below is my sketch:


One thought on “The Mangotsfield UFO

  1. I believe you. Black triangles have been seen here too. I’ve seen something too back in 2010 April. I don’t ever want to see anything like that again. You better be careful, sounds like they like you.

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