Procrastination & My Concentration

Procrastination, eh? Who’d get round to doing something about it? Strangely, me. And it’s not about being lazy. No, I am easily distracted. It’s not all my fault though; at work, I might be busy doing Thing A when someone asks me about Thing B. Since it’ll take 5 minutes, I help them with Thing B but then someone calls about Thing C. I have a conversation about Thing C whilst doing Thing B, but then and email comes through about Thing D which is more important that A B and C, so I go back to my desk to look at Thing D but notice Thing A has completed downloading so carry on with that. Suddenly, I have A B C and D breathing down my neck because I have given them all attention but not completed them, and so I end up putting off doing my expenses for another month.

I asked God about why my life sucks, but He told me to RTFM.


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