ProleBook – Being a Prole (cont.)

Do you know why bankers have been allowed to bring the world to its knees, and even allowed to continue offering huge bonuses despite performing poorly?  Governments are unable to control them, because MPs and PMs are simply a higher class of prole.  Bankers and the money owners can’t be told what to do by a bunch of proles – that’s like the tail wagging the dog!  Case point – the Tory/Liberal “coalition” put a 50% tax on high earnings a few months back.  In this budget, that was quickly reduced to 45% for little-to-no benefit to the masses.  I predict (nay, would expect) this to be reduced by another 5% in the next budget.  How dare us proles demand that the Highs pay more in tax at a time when cost of living is so high!

Anyway, I was reading an article about companies asking potential job applicants for their Facebook passwords so that they can vet their online personality.  Naturally, people are outraged.  I for one am not surprised.  In 1984, Big Brother controls everything, and can see everyone.  What better and subversive way to do this is there, than social networks?  Think about this; if the government told us to keep an online record of what we find interesting, highlighting our peers, friends, and family, we would be outraged.  However, dress such a system up as a fun-to-use interactive social “tool”, social monitoring can be done easily, and willingly by us proles!  Ironically, when social unrest begins, it’s these very networks that are used to co-ordinate activities.  We are completely fooled by the nature of these online monitoring applications.  The advantage is NEVER with us, not when either money or information can be gained from them.

Want another example how Facebook is for proles?  Celebrities and famous people don’t keep their own accounts, instead employing ghost writers to run them instead.  What better way is there to communicate with your prole fan base than by using another prole?  What on earth is there for a High and a prole to discuss?  Ways of oppression?  The difference in price between houses?

If you ever want to feel the stark difference between your life and a High, watch William and Kate’s Royal Wedding.  The amount of power and influence that the Royal family wields was there for all to see.  And yet, despite not being a part of it, and having absolutely no right to be there or even look a Royal in the eye, it invoked a positive emotional response; I was proud to be British, to be a citizen of this great country.  Just like someone “supporting” a Formula F1 team, I had absolutely no reason to feel any attachment to the proceedings or the people involved, yet I felt like I was a part of it.  How strange.

I am not writing this because I believe in communism, or am bitter than the world isn’t some kind of fairy tale where unicorns shit out marshmallows and the sun shines without hurting the eyes.  I’m writing this because there is something fundamentally wrong with how the world is ran.  We are told to save the planet, to recycle and pay more for council tax to pay for green initiatives.  We’re told to stop being such a burden on the environment – in short, stop living our prole lives.  Las Vegas, with its billions of lights and huge casinos, burn through as much electricity in a day as the UK does in 6 months.  Everything us proles are told to do to reduce our environmental impact is NOT making a difference.  We don’t need to save the earth; we need to stop the Highs attacking it.  The ruling class don’t need to worry about it; if it ever came to cleaning the air, we’ll be the ones suffering on the fumes, you can be 100% sure of that.

Remember the definition of a prole; our worth to the world is the ability to have children and further the race.  I remember Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 911trying to get senators to sign their children up to the armed forces.  They all refused, and so they should; they have material weath, so don’t need to give their children’s lives to the country’s militaristic aims.  However, the proles’ worth is in life, therefore we are expected to be the first on the battlefront, fighting the enemies of capitalism and trying to get their natural resources.

Money and power are not easy to get, but life is; give us proles drink and drugs, and it’s expected that we’ll jump on each other like hamsters to fire out future window cleaners and soldiers.  In order for money and power to be attained by the ruling classes, labour needs to be added to an idea or a resource.  Prole labour (trained or untrained – it is ultimately irrelevant), to be exact.  So in effect, us proles hold the power to money and control, yet we’re not in control.  Why?  The main reason is focus and direction.  Our power is diluted amongst millions of minds, all with their own silly hopes, dreams, likes and dislikes.  That very disorganisation is where the ruling classes retain their control.  By exerting influence on us with drink, gambling, tax, the hope of ownership of material goods – no matter how petty and insignificant – they will always keep us blinkered, looking straight forwards and not worrying about why we do these things for the majority of our useful lives.


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