My Funeral & Eden

ImageI’ve not written on this for some time, partly because I’ve been writing a diary, and partly because I’ve started a new novel.  I simply don’t have time for it all! 

I was thinking about death today.  When I was about 6, my grandmother died; I remember my mother telling me “no-one ever truly dies until they are forgotten”.  Hence, I take time to remember the people who have died during my lifetime; Lee Chappel, Mark Turner, my grand-dad Howard, grandmother Rosie, Doreen and Ken.  Today,I wondered what would I want as my funeral, if I were to die?

Some time ago, I had a vision of a wonderful place that I call Eden.  I think of it when I feel stress creeping up me.  I’m standing in the middle of a grass clearing, the sky is a magnificent deep blue.  The clearing is surrounded by a tangle of lush trees, their different shades of green creating a natural mosaic border.  It feels like the early hours of a very hot day; the air is cool and refreshing, like breathing in a cold glass of water, but the air temperature on my skin is comfortable.  The grass is slightly cold with dew. I haven’t a care in the world, not one pressing concern or appointment.  I lie on the grass, staring up at the unlimited sky above, and feel the tiny tickles of the blades upon my arms and neck. 

And this is the place where I want my funeral to be.  I also want an 8 hour brazilian/ambient drum ‘n’ bass-backed funeral (starting off with “My Dreams” by London Elektricity), a respectable selection of food and drink – a time for people to simply chill out for a day.



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