Dolphins are our Masters

I read that dolphins are actually psychic in the real sense of the term. They can pass on information to other dolphins without visual or physical communication; this has been called “pod talking”, and makes me think whether our view on evolution is correct.

We are only assuming that our path of evolution is open-ended based on what we think we could be or do in a few hundred years. However, maybe life shouldn’t crawl out of the sea? Maybe evolution isn’t a measure of how quickly and messily we can kill another living thing? And let’s face it; our social tools might have changed, such as the Internet and Facebook and speed dating, but our lives are still EXACTLY the same as they were hundreds of years ago. People are still dying of preventable diseases, people are still needlessly killing, people are still eating and drinking too much, and people are still catching STDs. The only difference is the sheer efficiency we can do this now.

I reckon we’ve been had. Dolphins fooled us into walking on the land, thinking it was great and cool and the way forward, yet look at what’s happened. Because of our evolutionary activities, the global temperatures will rise, melting the ice caps and raising the sea level. Eventually, the dolphins will inherit the earth! And we’re the evolved species?!


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