Writing Assignment – Angela’s First Day (Alternative)

This exercise was to write about a girl called Angela on her first day in a new job.  I didn’t submit this one as it didn’t really show Angela at all, only mentioned at the start and at the end.  Plus, I wasn’t pleased with it, so rewrote it entirely.

Interesting writing fact – Roald Dahl completely rewrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because he wasn’t pleased with it.  I think it was supposed to contain a lot more “beastly” children too.  Never be afraid to start a project afresh if you’re not happy.

Angela’s First Day

“That must be her,” said Jimmy as the three execs peered over their monitors.  “Alexander’s new Personal Assistant.  She’s called Angela.”  Through the slatted glass windows of their boss’ office, they could see a slim lady in a short black pinstriped dress talking energetically to a stony-faced Alexander.

“At last,” said Tommy as he straightened his tie, “some eye-candy in the office.  I wouldn’t mind letting her assist me.  Out of my trousers!”  Ignoring the disapproving stare from the highly-strung Gloria, he high-fived his protégé Jimmy.

“If you ask me,” said Gloria, “she looks too young and inexperienced to be a director’s PA.  Way too young.”

“I don’t know – she looks very experienced, if you know what I’m saying,” replied Thomas.  He wiggled his fingers at Jimmy, then looked at the new starter again.  “I wonder what they’re talking about?  Usually, Alex stares the new starts into submission, then chucks them into their desk.”

They all looked in silence as they studied the talking pair.  Suddenly, Angela leaned across the desk as she spoke, her arms forcing her ample breasts together and upwards.  Both lads gasped in delight.

“Oh mama!  Thank you Lord!”  Thomas half-stood at his desk, almost knocking over his monitor.  “Jim – get the camera!”

“Will you two settle down?”  Gloria stopped her typing and swatted at Thomas.  “The poor girl probably doesn’t know that her…breasts… are out that much.”

“You are kidding?” replied Thomas as he avoided the swipe.  “No woman accidentally shows that much cleavage.”

“Not accidentally.  You usually have to pay,”  murmured Jimmy as he fumbled a pair of AA batteries into a battered-looking digital camera.  “Does anyone have a memory card?”

Angela slowly straightened, then perched herself onto the edge of Alex’s desk, showing him a slender leg wrapped in a black stocking, the top lace peeking out from underneath the hem of the skirt.  She playfully twirled a piece of silky brown hair in her fingers as she talked.  Eventually, the silence of the trio was broken by the click of a camera.  Gloria raised an eyebrow at Jimmy as he took another photo.  “What?  If she didn’t want me to look, she wouldn’t show it off.  I am merely taking a photo for future reference.”

“Good work Jimmy.  Can you email me the photos?”  Thomas angled himself on his chair to face away from the scene in the office.  “Can you honestly say that she’s not trying to seduce Alex?  We’ve seen cleavage, hair-twiddling, leg, lips being licked?  She’s one step away from getting down on her knees and giving Alex’s –“

“Thomas…”  warned Gloria, already going red.

“What?  I was going to say ‘Alex’s shoes a good polish’.  What did you think I was going to say?”  He winked at Jimmy, who was busy taking another photo of the flirting Angela.

“OK, so she might be a bit flirty,” said Gloria, returning to her spreadsheet on the screen, “but that doesn’t mean she’s trying to do anything with our boss.”

“Oh man!  I swear she just said the word suck to Alex!”  Jimmy interrupted.  They all looked on and tried to lip-read.  “She said suck, and then something about accounts?”

“She might be asking Alex to go down to the accounts’ store room for some ‘managerial relief’?” suggested Thomas.  “You know, that pokey little room opposite the photocopier?”

“Please, gentlemen,” huffed Gloria, “could you please leave your sexual fantasies at home?  I have some work that needs to be out of the door by end of play.  It’s obvious that Alex and our new starter are simply talking about – oh my!”

They all looked as Angela made a well-known vertical hand gesture, then giggled.  “Erm,” Jimmy said, “she either called Alex a tosser, or just offered him some ‘managerial relief’.”

“Down in the account’s store room,” added Tom.  “I told you!”  Suddenly, Alex stood up and gave Angela a kiss on the lips, then opened his office door.  Immediately,  the lads started banging their keyboards furiously; quintessential busy employees.

“Tom, Jimmy, Gloria?”  Alex’s gruff voice brought the trio to attention.  “I’m just going down to accounts to… get some stationary from the store room with my wife.”  The three looked at each other, then at the woman stood in the office, then at Alex.

“Your – your wife?” stammered Jimmy, silently hoping to God that Alex didn’t look at the photos being printed off nearby.

“Yes, she’s dropped in to, erm, see how I am.  Anyway, my new PA will be turning up at some point.  Could you, y’know, show her the ropes?  Her name’s Angela.”


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