Writing Assignment – A Heated Disagreement

This exercise shows two characters in a heated disagreement with a word count of 250 words maximum. This was a first idea for the assignment; the one I submitted was more normal (about a taxi driver and a passenger arguing over a fare). Credit to my tutor – I think he knows that I pulled the punch spectacularly, as he said “…please trust me, we will never ever laugh at your work efforts. So give it a go and really relax into your foction writing and share with me at the deepest level. It takes some courage to do this, but I do feel you have more within you”. This actually made me feel my own inhibitions with my writing, and I should have submitted the below. Apologies for the formatting – WordPress sucks at tabbing and spacing, especially when copy/pasting.

A Heated Disagreement

“I say we push the button,” said Tornado. “It’s the last thing Inferno would expect us to do.”

“Are you insane?!” cried Boy Bluster, his purple cape swirling as he leapt over the room to join his crime-fighting partner. “Pushing the button will set off the bomb, killing the hostages!”

“They’re dead anyway,” replied the silver-clad superhero, “so let’s put them out of their misery and carry on looking for Inferno.”

“What? We’re not even going to try to save them?”

“We’re not going to waste time trying to save a bunch of smelly old grannies and dope-smoking wastrels, Bluster.”

“I really think –“

“Too late!” grinned Tornado, and pressed the button. The explosion shook the room for several long minutes.  “Semper mememto,” Tornado bowed his head for a heartbeat, then sprinted towards the exit. “Now let’s go fight Inferno!”

“I cannot believe you just did that.”  Bluster’s fists were clenched as he spoke.  “You killed those people!”

“Me?”  Tornado stopped and looked around theatrically.  “Did you see me kill anyone?”

“You pressed that button!”

“Hey – it was just a button.  If someone wants to wire the other end to a bomb, I can’t be held responsible!”

“You KNEW it was wired to a bomb!” objected Bluster.

“But not the detonator.  It could have deactivated the bomb and saved the hostages – true?”

“The button was labelled Bomb Detonator – Do Not Touch!”

“I didn’t touch it though,” said the superhero with a smile, “I pressed it.  World of difference, Bluster.”


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