Deus Ex: Human Revolution Stinks.

I loved Deus Ex 1; it was a perfect balance between FPS shooter and RPG. Deus Ex 2 was awful, as if rushed to release. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, from announcement to release, promised to be based on the strengths of the first one, with some new ideas and mechanisms thrown in.

Not so. I’ve just completed Deus Ex 3, and to say it was disappointing is a massive understatement. The augmentations are too wishy-washy, and focused on inconsequential abilities (too many “hacking” abilities for one – it’s simply not needed). There are some great abilities, but they aren’t as powerful as they should be. Oh, and whenever did melee combat become a special ability? You cannot take people down in close combat unless you have enough power, which becomes really frustrating at times.

The biggest kick in the bollocks is the storyline. It has all the right keywords – Illuminati, conspiracy, population control – but it really doesn’t feel as magnificent as the first Deus Ex’s plot. Your character goes after top-ranking characters with little evidence or reason, making the flow of the story very disjointed. I think I remember your character charges after a world-reknown TV reporter based on her first name. What?!

Finally, it finishes in unspectacular style, forcing you to make a choice; blow up an underwater facility for no reason, or broadcast a confession for no reason. Then the game ends. Thank god, to be honest. Another “stunning visuals and fuck the plot” console-targeted piece of tat.


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