Tentatively Accept My Fist in Your Face!

I hate people who tentatively accept calendar invites. Think about it; there is a meeting that you want people to come to but you don’t know if they are available. You don’t know whether they are busy, but equally, you don’t know whether they are free. Therefore, before sending an invite, they might be free.

So when an invitation is sent and someone tentatively accepts, they are stating that they might be free. Hang on – why are you telling me something I already know? I knew you might be free before I sent the invite – hence why I’m sending the fucking invitation in the first place!

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned a certain remote mobile management system that I setup. Well, it is moving ownership – to the back-office boys. I’ve setup a training session with them just so they have the best possible start in supporting these devices, plus I’ve told them to hand me any bothersome jobs they get. It’s only fair!

I had no joy with Daisy concerning an ADSL activation in Thatcham. Strangely, they used the phrase “our broadband supplier”. I thought THEY were the broadband supplier? This makes me think that they are nothing but a shell company, and as the old axim goes, “talk to the organ grinder and not the monkey”. What possible benefit can I get from obtaining my broadband via the customer of a broadband company?


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