Deployment Course Continues

OK – it’s Thursday, I’m hungover, and only another 1 and a half days before the weekend.

The course is very very good. I have learnt lots about deployment and Win7, yet I know I won’t be allowed to use the methods and technology I now know about. My company will want the “quick” option – little time spent pre-planning, but lots of time implementing a manual method. It happens every time a project arrives. To be honest, I’m past caring. I’ll do whatever I’m given time to do. Fighting corporate stubborn-ness is pointless; it’s better to present your preferred option, have it rejected, then reply with an acceptance of the decision together with a list of expected issues doing it the other way.

When the project starts going wrong, or questions about time or budget are asked, you can prove your foresight very easily, since you already pointed these “concerns” out prior to the project. I’ve done that three times now. IT is about covering your ass; people WILL try to blame you when things go wrong, regardless whether you are to blame. Personally, if I have fucked up – fine, I will accept responsibility, but I will not accept blame for an issue that I didn’t cause, or even worse, foresaw.

This week, I have taken some advice from a list that should make for a better manager or person. Since Monday, I’ve been following this:

Silence – Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation. In other words, learn and apply the art of listening, you have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

So I have, for the most part, remained silent and have let people talk to me about whatever. I’ve given little advice, and have been a listener more than a speaker. Do you know what I’ve noticed? Everyone has problems. Everyone is needing something; help, acceptance, guidance, attention. My favourite coursemate, Frankenstein Bell-End, talks non-stop about things he has done, mostly online. He thrives off attention. He needs to be Ubergeek in a room full of geeks – that l33t thing I was talking about in an earlier post. The guy sat next to me needs help when he’s lost on the course. Everyone needs others to provide something. Such as education, which is why I’m on this course!

I did have a thought yesterday – Frankenstein Bell-End is a royal wanker because he is annoyingly corny, obnoxiously opinionated and attention-seeking. If I hadn’t taken my “oath of listening”, would that have been me on this course? Worse, maybe people have thought the same of me on other courses? I’m usually a chatty person, and would be giving my opinions freely if not for my oath.

Is this the point of such an oath?

Sorry – FBE is now listing out all the Eve Online merchandise he owns. Hoody, underwear… but thankfully, assurance that I’m not that much of a twat. He does sound like a lot of other nerds I know. He also talks over the top of anyone talking.

This listening thing is awesome!

Oh yeah – don’t ever have kick-ass mustard when hungover. Fucks your head right up.


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