Training Bell-ends

This week, I am attending a 5 day course in deploying Windows 7. It’s been extremely good, but full of IT acronyms – WDS, MDT, DaRT, MDOP… the fucking lot.

The tutor is one I had for Windows 2008 – he’s an absolute legend, both as a learning mentor and as a technical resource. The facilities are good, but there are a couple of absolute bell-ends taking the course. One in particular just talks shit constantly – films, online games, Microsoft being “crap” – he even brought up some Internet banality yesterday.

What pisses me off even more is the others who are laughing manically at every comment of his that is “funny”. Here’s some transcripts of the conversations I’ve had to endure:

“I just delete user’s files and tell them an accident’s happened.” – manic laughter from the nerds.

“I have 6 terabytes of storage on my PC.” – big wow and questions from the nerds.

“I stood in line for the iPad2 – and it didn’t work!” – cue amazement from the nerds.

It’s like watching Rude Dog and the Dweebs. He’s saying stuff whenever he does something – it’s like his Facebook profile has come to life, put on a shabby fat shirt and is roaming the earth, impressing those with less-will than him.

Absolutely fapulous.


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