The reason why Apple devices are so sought-after compared with Android devices is something I call “perceived value”. In short, I know that I can demand a good resale price for my Apple kit when I upgrade. I also know that the apps I purchase can be saved, both onto my PC and in my iTunes account. I can’t say that for sure with Android devices, especially with the rise of different app stores.

It’s hard to say no to Apple devices, especially with the cellular networks pushing good deals on them. If I had been offered the Motorola Xoom on the same terms as the iPad, I would be using that to write this. Instead, and suicidally so, Motorola still retain their self-perception of being a world-leader in comms technology. Sorry lads; Moto’s reign as a premium handset manufacturer ended with the Razr, and despite making handsets for the “field” such as the MC35 and ES400, Moto are a receding company, and cannot hope to sell their Android handsets on the same scale as Apple’s toys.

So what’s next? Android should be the future IF it can retain some form of continuity across all manufacturers, otherwise it will become exactly like Linux, with so many “forks” that it’ll look like a restaurant. I’m going out on a limb here; the future will be Nokia and Windows Phone 7. Stop laughing – WP7 is a really stable, functional, and user-friendly mobile OS. Nokia’s handset build is of a high quality. The two together should kill everyone. However, the big battle is going to be between app stores, and with iTunes a socially-recognised online way of buying digital media, it’ll be a very tough one to crack.

That is assuming America’s economy doesn’t fold before then.


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