Silent Success!

The thing about accomplishing anything in IT is that, generally, no-one gives a fuck. Even the most obscure, technically-challenging, time-consuming task will only earn a shrug and a half-assed “thanks” from the user or client – at best.

Anyway, thanks to our extremely understanding software supplier, I was handed a temporary license to get my encryption system running, and the promise of a full license within 30 days. I could have kissed them. Then came the hard part – configuration.

Actually, it wasn’t too difficult. It was more complex than your regular piece of software, but a good methodical approach and a read of the damn manual helped enormously! Still – I always start sweating whenever a piece of software starts pulling information from Active Directory, especially when given an admin account to do so. Fingers-crossed, it should sit doing its thing forevermore.

Tomorrow – a quick clear-up of my jobs, document the encryption system, do my expenses, then off for a week on an MS course; deploying Windows 7. Yes – possibly the first steps towards migrating away from XP, although since Dell supply an imaging method for their models, I doubt the course will help me deploy 7. Good ol’ Ghost multicast!


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