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1st March 2018

Coming Soon – Ragnar Blaise’s High Idea

Described as a cross between The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and The InbetweenersRagnar Blaise’s High Idea is a journey through space, different dimensions, and those Sundays where you’re too hungover to get off the sofa.

Having lost the love of his life, sedentary sofa stoner Ragnar Blaise embarks on a mission to win Elizabeth Shields back by combining Positive Mental Attitude with copious amount of weed.  With the forced support of his friend Drew Majors, Ragnar creates the world’s greatest spliff, smokes it, and transcends into another dimension where he meets the universe.  Bestowed with temporary and unlimited knowledge, Ragnar goes to destroy his Physics teacher at a “science-off” but inadvertently discovers the answer to the meaning of life, which causes an ancient alien race called the Snakarians, led by the manic Blarcrest Aaaaaaaaaaaap, to invade the Earth.

Infinite lives are in the balance; can Ragnar work out how to kill Blarcrest, save the Earth, get Elizabeth back, and discover why bad things always happen to him?

September 2013

Book Released – Grand Theft Planetary & Other Stories

Price – Free!

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This is a collection of fifteen short stories, written as “light relief” during larger projects, and now published for free.

This book contains the following stories:

Grand Theft Planetary – A famous celebrity decides to steal an entire planet.

My Life is Saved – What would you do if you could return to an earlier point in time?

From Afar – A scientist, marooned on Mars, is stalked by a strange being.

Technology Fails Me – Quantum computing takes on a life of its own.

Modern Glass – A businessman visits his daughter in daycare.

Man Alone – After the fall of humanity, one man struggles to survive in post-apocalyptic UK.

Barriers – An alien artifact starts a war between nations – but what it is?

Murve’s Dog – A desperately heartbroken man inherits a dog.

Bud and Rufus Play Dare – With no money but lots of booze in the house, the lads decide to play dare.

I Rule – The new POTUS is put to the test.

A Theoretical Question – Two university students decide to answer an age-old question; how many babies can one man take on in a fight?

Time and Punishment – Prisoners are sent back in time to die in history’s worst atrocities.  What could go wrong?

Farming – A virus hits mankind, and the real owners of the Earth demand action.

A Visual Masterpiece – A mysterious woman named Renee Tithe moves into the area and starts a social revolution.

Ticket – It is the anniversary of a friend’s departure, but one man finds it hard to let go.





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